Tuesday, March 3, 2009

62 Years Ago Today

73 centimeters of snow fell in Ottawa on March 3, 1947. This remains the single greatest day of snowfall the city has ever recorded. The next morning, the Ottawa Citizen ran three lines of text telling the story of firefighters pulling my grandmother on a toboggan to the front doors of the Civic Hospital. So began a truly wonderful life.

Happy birthday Dad.


Your mother said...

It was an amazingly wonderful life. I have never met anyone who lived each day as fully as your father did. He was a man of energy and talent. You and your sister are his wonderful legacy. Thanks for posting this. Happy Birthday, Drew.

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Drew!!! You sure showed me some good times and taught me a lot! Never again will I not wear a suit when I'm trying to sneak in somewhere.. ;)

I like blue!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hart:
I’ve been thinking of your Dad several times in the last couple of days. Sunny clear and bright here today, although a little brisk. Not as I remember 1947 (as if I can remember 1947). Don use to talk about coming home from Hopewell School, walking down Sunnyside, and the ambulance passed him on the way to pick up grandma Lois. Quite the way to make a splash entry into the world.

Neat looking Blog Hart. Going to take me some time to get caught up. I do recognize the swimmer.–looks like you still had lots of energy.

Uncle Doug

Anonymous said...

If you are a reflection of what sort of man your father was, he was a beautiful soul. Love to you, in honor of Drew today.